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It's the ideals and principles that guided Choy's family, when we opened our first Chinese Restaurant on esplanade in Capitola, California.  And it's the ideals and principles we still live by today.

It's being passionate about Chinese foods. Respecting time-honored, and time-intensive, long traditions, cooking without M.S.G. Like fresh vegetables, meats, and seafood simple healthy tenderness and flavor.

It's constantly perfecting our craft.  Trying new recipes. Mastering proven techniques, and then Bringing that expertise to your table with every meal we serve.It's Eastern hospitality.  Being gracious host, serving generous portions and putting others' need first.

It's having fun and making sure others do the same.  Smiling. Laughing. And talking our Chinese Foods seriously, but ourselves, not so much.

It's being trustworthy and dependable.  Doing what we say we're gonna do.  So people know they can count on us for a great meal and a great time at a great value.

It's genuinely caring about our guests and each other.  And making sure when people come here for Chinese Food, they feel right at home, just like they have since 1989.                                             

Mayflower Chinese Restaurant                                                      since 1989